Luzinterruptus_using light techniques to comment on the use of public space

Luzinterruptus is an anonymous artistic group, who carries out urban interventions in public spaces in Madrid. The team is using light as a raw material and dark as their canvas.

Examples of their interventions are below :

  • Public Toilets


This project is commenting -in a commical way-  on the urination in the public streets of  Madrid. According to Luzinterruptus urination in public streets is the main reason that parts of the Spanish capital look rundown and dirty.  The installation, public toilets, is pointing out this problem in order to prevent people from continuing  this habit and to motivate the institutions to finding a solution.


  • Rights to trample on

This project protests against a law that has been voted in the Spanish congress recently reducing the possibilities of abortion. According to Luzinterruptus this law is against the human’s rights. In order to demonstrate their opposition against the legislation, the team inflated plastic dolls into which they placed lights inside and sealed their mouth. The plastic dolls were positioned in front of the Ministry of Justice in Madrid.







All the photographs are by Gustavo Sanabria.

More of Luzinterruptus projects can be found here


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