the evolvement of technology blends virtual and actual space

Greg Lynn FORM, Trimble, and Microsoft HoloLens are exploring opportunities to transform the architecture process. Mixed reality enables Lynn to immediately get a sense of scale, form, and space so he can easily visualize his ideas and make decisions more quickly.

Using microsoft hololens and trimble technology, Greg Lynn was able to experience his 3D models as holograms placed in the real world. The technology enabled the architect to quickly analyze various scenarios in the context of the physical environment, consequently shortening the design cycle. ‘trimble mixed-reality technology and microsoft hololens bring the design to life and bridge the gap between the digital and physical,’ explained greg lynn. ‘using this technology I can make decisions at the moment of inception, shorten the design cycle and improve communication with my clients.’



Greg Lynn has used this technology to redesign  a historic, abandoned automobile factory in Detroit.  The project is presented inside the US pavilion at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, the project is titled ‘the center for fulfillment, knowledge and innovation’, and integrates a range of different programs. the new plant design incorporates innovations in robotic manufacturing, autonomous transportation and online retail.


all images are courtesy of Microsoft Hololens

The above is an example of the way that technology can transform architects and designers thinking, producing, methodology and communication techniques. But there is always the question what are the limitations between technology and design and what we choose to ‘preserve’ from the previous design techniques, methodologies and thinking in order to evolve architectural design.


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